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Wafer Dicing and Scribing Systems

Fonon’s basic Wafer Dicing System incorporates Fantom Width Laser Dicing Technology™, an innovative method of splitting brittle materials without generating a visible seam. It is a basic method of controlled propagation of Micro-Cracks™.

Benefits of FWLDT™ Dicing Systems:

  • Damage-free dicing of thin silicon
  • Capable of producing smallest street widths which, in return, provide additional space for more parts per wafer
  • Single step process results in reduction of cost and processing time per wafer
  • Capable of producing multiple size die on the same wafer
  • Capable of dicing complex shapes
  • Cuts each die individually, regardless of shape, size, or position
  • Capable of cutting wafers on a tape frame
  • Dry process eliminates the use of water and additional handling steps

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