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FL600 ITO Coating Removal System

FL600 ITO Removal System

The FL600™ is a basic ITO removal system utilizing proprietary fiber laser technology by Fonon Technology. It performs direct imaging by laser beam for patterning of ITO coated glass and plastics offering flexible, immediate, CAD friendly large area patterning without wet photolithographic processes.

Technology Description:

The FL600 is capable of direct fiber laser patterning on indium tin oxide (ITO), TCO, TO, anti-reflective coatings on glass and PET plastic film used in the FPD industry, automotive windshields and rear view mirrors, architectural windows, photovoltaic cells, solar panels, and semiconductor applications.

Direct imaging by laser is a single-step, CAD based, dry ablative process replacing photolithographic technology.

Main Features:

  • Highest ITO removal speed in the industry on glass and plastic substrates at speeds up to 12 m/sec with up to 1000 characters per second.
  • Laser Spot size 25 - 100 microns.
  • Line width – 50 – 200 microns
  • Individual Field size coverage– 220 x 270 mm.
  • Maximum substrate size – fully scalable up to 550 x 650 glass panels
  • Sintered metal vacuum hold down table with substrate hovering capabilities for securing all substrate sizes without table replacement or vacuum zone selection.
  • Maximum stroke 600 x 700 mm.
  • Unlimited component size
  • Minimized HAZ. Does not overheat the Glass or PET surface; no long term micro fracturing
  • Advanced laser patterning features such as:
    • Single, Double and Triple laser beam visual deleted line emulation
    • Variable line width with identical properties on X and Y directions
    • Advanced deletion capabilities like Direct Imaging and Image Splicing
    • Sophisticated plotting and diagnostic utilities
    • Remote debugging of process and motion parameters.
    • Position synchronized output for precise laser firing

New & Unique Features:

  • System is equipped with a new fiber laser head specifically designed for cold evaporation of different coatings from brittle and semiconductor materials.
  • The laser emits a specific frequency and operates in a special Super Pulsed mode that enhances the coating removal process.
  • Laser auto focus mechanism (Optional) for highest accuracy and in-line intelligence
  • Adjustable Loading and Unloading positions for in-line integration.
  • Remote Internet monitoring and diagnostics.
  • Maintenance free optical path.
  • Customized Hold Down Fixtures
  • Touch screen interface.
  • No need for cooling system.
  • Ability to handle the miniature substrates and macro displays on standard wafer frames
  • Frame: Standard frame types (5”, 6”, 8” or 12”)
  • Holding tape: standard low tack, thermal, or UV.  

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