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F250GL OEM Glass Scribing Kit

System Description

The Laser Separation tool for the Flat Panel Display Industry is a part of the new line of OEM products from Fonon DSS. It combines a proprietary laser source and a set of components, PCB’s, mechanical assemblies, software and technology licenses which can be integrated into an in-line or stand alone laser glass cutting system.

The system is based on ZWLCT® (Zero Width Laser Cutting Technology™)This method splits materials at the molecular level with tremendous speed, no material loss and no chips or other debris associated with conventional scribe and break techniques.

Fonon DSS has taken this method to the next level with a completely new discovery called Fantom™ Technology and utilizes the F250GL Sealed CO2 Laser with Intracavity Mode Selective resonator to achieve laser beam properties necessary for reliable industrial scribing of glass substrates.

New & Unique Features

  • System is equipped with a patented laser head specially designed for ZWLCT®
  • The laser emits a specific frequency and operates ina special mode that enhances the glass seperation process
  • Laser auto focus mechanism (Optional)
  • Remote Internet monitoring and diagnostics
  • Maintenance free optical path
  • Customized hold-down fixtures

Process Capabilities

  • Capable of scribing IR coated glass without any limitations.
  • Capable of scribing of any type of display glass (except quartz) without realignment.
  • Singulation line straightness measured in microns and depends strictly on the motion system
  • Generates no chips or glass particles
  • Does not overheat the glass surface; no long term edge micro fracturing
  • Ability to handle the miniature substrates and micro displays
  • Material: Glass 0.7 mm thick max
  • Ability to scribe on the Holding tape: standard low tack, thermal, or UV

Advantages for Users

  • Low cost solution for precision glass dicing. (Priced the same as or less than precision mechanical scribers).
  • Reduced training level requirements for operators
  • Eliminates Edge Grinding & Cleaning Line
  • Small footprint: (Reduced space for Laser Scribing & Breaking)
  • Built in modular power supply, amplifiers, PC control and high-voltage electronics. (Easy to service)
  • Produces glass panels 3 to 5 times mechanically stronger without additional edge processing
  • Modular design utilizes standard components for easier service
  • "Plug-n-play" characteristics give the system ease of installation and quick start-up times for equipment builders
  • The system includes: fully documented operation manual, site plan drawings, recommended spare parts list, cost sheet and setup tool kit
  • Lower COO (Cost of Ownership). No gas consumption, no optical alignment, no optics cleaning and no special requirements for quality of facility
  • Internet ready
  • The whole process can operate inside a clean room

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