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Glass Wafer Dicing Technology: 

  • As a result of exposure in camera windows and IR filter devices Fonon developed a precision separation of glass panels into individual components with the Fantom Width Laser Dicing Technology®.
  • The FWLDT® splits materials at the molecular level at tremendous speed with no material loss. This results in the highest edge quality and the fastest dicing speed.
  • Integrated scribe and break equipment is available for 100 x 100 mm, 200 x 200 and 300 mm in diameter glass substrates mounted on a standard 300 mm wafer hoops.
  • Quick Release tape made it possible to remove individual substrates from the dicing tape without the edge damage with Pick and Place equipment.
  • Laser dicing system showing below is a special machine designed for precise dicing of glass wafers.

The Glass Wafer Dicing Process:

  • Mount low-tack and quick-release tape on the metal tape frame
  • Laminate the substrate on the tape
  • Dice the substrate into specified-dimension dies with advanced Fantom Width Laser Dicing Technology®
  • Apply a cover film
  • Flip upside down
  • Break with a metal bar
  • Expand on stretcher
  • Remove individual substrates from dicing tape without edge damage with Pick Place equipment



  • Bio ID devices
  • Cell Phone Cameras and Display Panels
  • TFT & LCD Cells
  • CCD & IR camera windows
  • IR cut off filter


  • Higher speeds
  • Higher throughput
  • High precision and accuracy
  • No material loss
  • Shortens process and can be brought into clean room
  • Edges have a high resistance to breakage


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