Fonon DSS Announces Latest Innovation in Laser Scribing for the Flat Panel Display Industry

Lake Mary, Fl.,  January 20, 2009 - Fonon DSS (Display & Semiconductor Systems), a division of Fonon Technology International, the world renowned inventor and manufacturer of Zero Width Laser Cutting Technology has announced the latest innovation in laser scribing for the Flat Panel Display (FPD) Industry, the Fantom G8 thin glass laser scribing machine. 
Demand for flat-panel displays is growing, for notebook computers, cell phones, digital organizers, Internet appliances, smart watches, medical devices, electronic books and even high-definition television sets. Meanwhile, flat panel display manufacturers are facing new challenges, processing ultra-thin and larger G8-G11 size panels, requiring the accuracy and speed which only a laser can provide.  
Historically, the glass for flat panel displays was cut using diamond cutters. This technique requires an artists’ touch to complete this meticulousness labor. When working with panel sizes G5 and up and glass that is thinner than ever, it’s no longer humanly feasible to use diamond cutters due to the overall dimensions of the glass. Fonon DSS’ laser scribing machine, the Fantom G8, provides a low cost, high speed, solution for precision glass scribing. 
The Fantom G8 utilizes Zero Width Laser Cutting Technology™ (ZWLCT™) which allows scribing applications to be processed with tremendous speed, no material loss, and no chips or other debris associated with conventional scribe and break techniques. The ZWLCT™ method for glass cutting is a non contact method that scribes glass on the molecular level. After performing this application, the human eye is unable to see any change in the properties of the glass; however, when applying a small amount of pressure, the glass will split along the scribe line. Following the split, the glass has no particular damage and the highest edge quality which one can safely run their finger over. Additionally, ZWLCT™ maintains the integrity of the glass, thus strengthening it. 
“Manufacturers in Taiwan, Japan and Korea are now opening new factories to accommodate ultra thin and larger G8-G11 size panels,” Demitri Nikitin, CEO of Fonon DSS. “The Fantom G8 is ideal for these processes incorporating a new generation modular design laser and precision direct drive high resolution linear motion system forming a precision, stand alone, small foot print automatic tool which can be easily integrated into an inline system.”
About Fonon DSS:  Adivision of Fonon Technology International, the world renowned inventor and manufacturer of Zero Width Laser Cutting Technology™, Fonon DSS focuses on the semiconductor and flat panel display industries utilizing the patented Zero Width Laser Cutting Technology™ (ZWLCT™) to create products with the highest level of precision. Fonon DSS provides state-of-the-art laser scribing, laser dicing and fiber laser marking solutions to customers in the Flat Panel Display (FPD), Semiconductor and Electronics industries throughout the world. For more information, visit or call 407-829-2613.